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Full Annual Membership Costs from 1st Feb Each Year: PLEASE CLICK ON THE PRICE TO DOWNLOAD APPLICATION FORM

Full Playing£885.00
Ladies first year membership offer£435.00
Young Adult 18-25£280.00
Young Adult 26-27£435.00
Young Adult 28-29£630.00
Young Adult 30-34£715.00
Young Adult 35-39£805.00
Individual Social Membership £36.00
Joint Social£64.00
Country £450.00
Junior 8-11 £95.00
Junior 12-15£135.00
Junior 16-17£180.00
Bar Levy for Social MembersSingle Social £50.00 Combined Social £25 per person
Bar Levy For Playing Members27 and over £50.00 Young Adult 18-27 £25.00
Affiliation Fees£21
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