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On the evening of the 6th November the club held its first governance meeting. The meeting took place in the club house with Zoe Thacker from Wales Golf presenting the results of the recent Club Membership and Mystery Shopper surveys. With over 100 members in attendance to hear the results, those present under took a number activities to help define the direction of the club going forward and help to form a new strategic plan for the next 5 years. This is a new initiative that is going to help the club be run in a more professional and business like manner to ensure the club can thrive in the coming years.
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Virtual AGM

Dear Member

You may recall that the Club’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) was due to have been held on 22nd April 2020. However due to the rules on social distancing and the prohibition of meetings the AGM was deferred with the intention of holding it when it was safe and legal to do so and that in the meantime the present officers of the Club and the Committee members should remain in office.

It is now apparent that social distancing and the prohibition of public gatherings are likely to remain in force for some considerable time to come making it impossible to hold an AGM in its traditional form at any time in the foreseeable future.

It has therefore been decided that the 2020 AGM can be deferred no longer and should be held in ‘virtual’ form and its business conducted by email or, where necessary, by post. It is fully appreciated that the Club’s constitution stipulates that a ‘physical’ meeting must be held but we are faced with an unprecedented situation and are acting in accordance with Welsh Government guidelines which state that if a company is unable to hold a physical AGM due to the Covid-19 regulations then it would be permitted to operate outside the
scope of its written constitution.

It is therefore intended to give notice of a ‘virtual’ AGM deemed to be held on a date and time to be specified. The formal agenda will relate only to the election of Captain, Vice Captain and President and four members of the Management Committee. Candidates for these offices (other than Captain) will be invited to apply with details of a proposer and seconder and a brief CV and members will have the opportunity to cast their votes by email or post. The results will be declared and published following the date of the virtual meeting.

The virtual meeting itself will deal only with the formal election of officers and committee. However, members are invited to submit in writing any questions relating to the affairs and business of the Club that they would have raised had it been possible to hold the meeting in physical form. It is intended to publish on the website the brief CV’s of candidates for office in order that members may have knowledge of the candidates before casting their votes.

Jon Warren
Club Captain

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